Land Rover, Jaguar CF18 Diagnostics Programming Coding + Toyota Scion, Lexus, Volvo

Dealer-level Diagnostics and Programming for Land Rover and Jaguar, plus FREE Dealer diagnostics for Volvo, Toyota, Scion & Lexus, with Panasonic CF18 Toughbook laptop.

Tax excluded

Dealer-level Diagnostics and Programming

  Land Rover and Jaguar

Land Rover 2004 - 2016
Jaguar 1994 to 2016/7
Offline programming to 2010
Online programming with Topix subscription after 2010


Dealer-level Diagnostics 1990's to 2019

For Toyota, Lexus, Scion


Dealer-level Diagnostics to 2015


With Panasonic CF18 laptop / tablet

Fault Code Reading / Resetting analysing for repairs

Read / Clear / Reset Air bag Light codes

Read / Clear / Reset ABS Light codes

Programming personalisation

Programming / Coding*

Clearing adaptations

Key / Immo Coding

Service Lights

1 Year warranty

Software upgrades in future possible

User Manuals / Guides right on Desktop screen

Multi-facetted technical support - email, telephone,
and Teamviewer remote connection.

Super-fast DHL Express / Parcelforce delivery

Paypal Secure payments

* = Programming / Coding of some modules from 2010 with JLR SDD/IDS program. To
program modules from 2010 onwards, a Topix subscription will be required from Land Rover.
Programming of nearly all modules on Land Rover & Jaguar up to 2010 does not require subscription.
Volvo VIDA program. You will not require subscription from Volvo for any Diagnostics, but you will do for all programming.  Toyota Techstream : You will not require subscription to do any
diagnostics, but you will do to do any programming.

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