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Welcome to Rugged Computing Ltd.

Car Diagnostic Laptops
Interfaces and Cables

Panasonic Toughbooks, refurbished  complimented with a huge range of interfaces and cables. You can buy a Complete Kit, or just the laptop, then chose interfaces for the required manufacturer.

ECU Remapping Kits

A complete kit for Remapping and Chip Tuning most of the popular cars with K-Line & Can-bus protocols, remapping through the OBD socket, or on the bench. Supplied with Panasonic Toughbook laptop.

Vehicle-Mounted Laptops
Panasonic Toughbooks

Full mobile computing, navigation &  internet connectivity kit. Supplied with vehicle universal mounting kit, mobile
3G Broadband, Wifi, high gain 3G/GPRS antenna, GPS, Garmin Sat-Nav, DVD

SkyDemon GPS Webpads

Skydemon compatible tablet 8.4" touchscreen GPS £499.  VFR flight navigation. Wifi, Bluetooth, expansion slots, sunscreen, yoke mount etc as standard

Aviation Navigation Systems
Skydemon Compatible GPS Touchscreen from £149! Touchscreen GPS PDA and Tablet Webpads for moving map VFR flight navigation. Loads of options available

Marine Navigation GPS
Engineered for the most extreme environments, as used by the US Marine Corps, the SAS, etc., Full Mil-spec,

Rugged Spares & Options

Spares parts and options for our range of
rugged laptops, Industrial computers and tablets.

Industrial Computers
Dolch Flexpac P4
Industrial computers that come in a fully rugged package. Used extensively on factory floor, interfacing with CNCs &  Lathes, Geological field surveys,  building sites etc. The Flexpac is the most space--saving, fully expandable portable conceived.  RS232 as standard.

Rugged Laptops & Tablets

Itronix, Panasonic, Motion
Rugged laptops , refurbished and reworked are in stock. Always low-cost  and cost efficient, they are the same rugged laptops bundled with our specialised systems above, confident that they are excellent for field and outdoor work.